1. I connected to this book because I have helped coach. I relate to Bo because he was a great coach. I coached a tee ball team. I thought I was a good coach.
2. The second connection I have I have done stuff that I wish I haven’t. In the book Bo talks about things he wishes he didn’t do. That made me think of stuff that I wished I didn’t do.
3. The third connection have is with Woody. They talk about Woody Hayes and how he over reacted. He hit a player on the other team. I have over reacted when I was playing soccer and hit a player back.
4. The next connection I made I with this book is about Bo and Woody’s rivalry. When I read about there rivalry and what happened, it made me think about soccer. For soccer DuBois and Clearfield have a bitter a rivalry. The coaches pretend like there friends but hate each other just like Woody and Bo.
5. The other connection I made is with Bo. Bo’s dad had a huge impact on his life. His dad made him the way he was. I believe that my dad have made me the man I am. He has had the biggest impact on my life like Bo’s father did.