Summary for The Five People you meet in Heaven

First in this book you meet Eddie, who is a miserable old man who works at Ruby Pier. As the book goes on you realize that Eddie didn’t have a good childhood, his dad was an alcoholic who abused him. You also realized that the love of Eddie’s life, his wife, died a few years ago, and now Eddie feels as if there in no point in living. He also has depression from when he was in the army during World War II. When Eddie was fighting his crew and he had to bomb a building. Eddie thought there was a girl in the building and tried to stop the bombing and almost went into the fire. His crew members thought he was just hallucinating from the lack of food and water. So this act haunts Eddie every night in his dreams. One day while Eddie was at work he noticed that the free fall ride was acting up and while a little girl was the belt snapped and the little girl was going to die. Eddie then died to save the little girl’s life.

Now this is where the real story begins, when Eddie reaches heaven. Once Eddie reaches heaven the first person he meets is a blue man from his childhood. At first Eddie doesn’t realize who the man is, why he is there, or where he is. The blue man explains that Eddie’s friends from his childhood killed him by a baseball accident, and he explains the rest. Shortly, their time is up and Eddie goes on the meet his captain from his days in the army. The two of them talk about the horrifying times they shared in the army together like being captured.

Eddie’s dad is the next person Eddie meets, they meet in a diner and oddly Eddie is unable to speak to his father. Eddie does not care about this and starts to scream and yell at his father for everything that happened in his past. Eddie starts to blame everything on his father, even the death of his wife. His father can not hear Eddie, but then he is greeted by a lady, her name is Ruby. She is the lady named after ruby pier. During their time together Ruby makes Eddie face his childhood and his father’s death. This is almost the most brutal person Eddie must meet in heaven.

The next is very good though, it is the love of Eddie’s life, Marguerite. Eddie met Marguerite at the age of seventeen. During their time on Earth Eddie and Marguerite share a wonderful but hard life together. Like all couples they have their hardships, after the war Eddie spent most of his life drinking and going to bars trying to forget the memories of the war. He was unsuccessful at that but luckily him and his wife stayed together. Until the death of her, Eddie became worse and more of an alcoholic. During their time in heaven on the other hand, they talk and just spend time together, and Eddie wishes to stay there forever, but unfortunately like all the other people. Eddie only has a certain amount of time with her, which ends at this time.

Now it is time for Eddie to meet the final person in heaven, he is very happy but that soon all changes. The final person Eddie sees is a little girl burnt all over her skin. She is kneeling on rocks, bent over a stream, washing her face. Eddie at this point is unsure what to think, he is very confused. The little girl’s name is Tala; she is the girl Eddie saw in the building before they bombed it. Eddie was not hallucinating the girl was real, and so was this. The girl and Eddie talk for awhile, and Tala makes Eddie realize what his purpose what in his life on Earth.