1. I connected to this book because I have played basketball before. I played when I was young like Chris Webber did. I played basketball in middle school and elementary school.
2. The second connection I have made to this book is that my basketball team I was on at the YMCA. We made it to the championship game two years in a row like the Michigan team. We also lost both of them like they did.
3. The third connection have I called a timeout in a basketball game like Chris Webber. I thought my team had a timeout left but we didn’t. Chris Webber did that in a basketball game like me. I felt so stupid and we lost the game because of it.
4. The next connection I made is that I’m a big duke blue devils fan. In the book they talk a lot about how duke beat them all three times they played each other. I have watched that game and I could picture what was going on better because I am a duke fan.
5. The last connection I made is have been benched because I got in trouble. In soccer I got benched because of my grades. Jalen Rose got benched because he had bad grades and drug use.