The Fab Five

The book I read was the Fab Five. The book was about the best recruiting class for college basketball. There were five players that went to the NCCA national championship twice. The basketball team was amazing.

The first player the book talked about was the most famous of the five. His name was Chris Webber. He was there best player on the team. He was best known for calling a timeout when his team didn’t have anymore. He did that in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. The score was 73-71, they lost game. In his second year at Michigan, he was a first team All-American selection and a finalist for the John R. Wooden Award John and Naismith College Player of the Year. His number is also retired at Michigan.

The next player Mitch Albom wrote about was Jalen Rose. He was point guard. He led the fab Five in scoring his freshman year averaging 19 points per game and set the school freshman scoring record with 597 total points. He had over 1700 points, 400 rebounds, 400 assists, and 100 steals. He went to two national championships. Rose went pro after his Junior year. He was picked as the 13th pick overall in the 1994 NBA Draft.1994. He is now a basketball analyst for ESPN and First Take.

The third member of the fab five was Juawn Howard. He had an okay career at Michigan. He went to Chicago Vocational Career Academy in high school. He was drafted my the Washington Bullets in the five round. He was in trouble most of his college career at Michigan.

The fourth player was Jimmy King. He was a high school All-American basketball player in Plano, north of Dallas, Texas, at Plano East Senior High School. He went to all four NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. He stayed all four years at Michigan.

The last player that Mitch Albom talked about was Ray Jackson. He did not receive money for Michigan to play. He was not there best player on the team, but he started. He played all four years at Michigan. He went to four the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. He was not drafted to the NBA.

The book also talked about the trouble that went on at Michigan when the fab five were there. Some players were getting into trouble. They caught with drugs and got arrested. The players also got in trouble for there grades and school work. The biggest thing that went on at Michigan was the scandal. The scandal was that some players were receiving large amounts of money to play at Michigan. The NCCA doesn’t allow players to receive money for college Universities. Most of the players went to the grand jury for the scandal. All of the fab five went, but Juawn Howard and Ray Jackson.