I picked this picture because this is the fab five. The whole book talks about them. When I hear the words fab five I think of them. I thought it was a good picture of the group.
I picked this second picture because it is the cover of the book. I thought this was a very interesting cover. It also described the book well. It showed what the book is about on the cover.
I picked this third picture because it is a picture of Christian Laettner. He played for Duke in the 1992 National Championship. That is a picture of him cutting down the net after the game. Duke beat Michigan to win the game. Michigan was 0-3 against Duke.
I picked this fourth picture because Chris Webber called a timeout when they did not have any. When i read this in the book I thought of this because I have seen this picture before. I put this on here because this is what Chris Webber is best known for.

The last picture I put on here is a picture of NO CHEATING . I put this picture on this on here because Michigan Cheated to reruiting of there players. They gave players money to play basketball at michigan. When the book said they cheated to get the fab five at Michigan I thought of a sign like this.