1. The first connection I made with this book is that I believe in heaven. I believe that heaven is a place like Mitch Albom described in the book. I believe I will see people I knew on earth like Eddie did.
  2. The next connection I made with this book is that I have been to a pier. The pier had rides like Ruby pier in the book. I also saw an maintenance man like Eddie at the pier
  3. The third connection I had with this book is that I wish I would have done something different. Like how Eddie wished he would have saved that girl but he didn’t because he got shot in the leg. I wish something didn’t happen so I could go back and change it.
  4. The next connection I have with this book is that I have seen someone save someone’s life like Eddie did. This lifeguard at the beach saved a man in a ripe tide from drowning. Eddie saved that little girl from the cart falling on her.
  5. The last connection is that I have a strong relationship with my mom like Eddie did. Eddie cared about his mom a lot and so do I. He also gets along better with his mom than his dad just like me.