1. The second picture makes me think of when Eddie meets his Captain in Heaven. When Eddie goes to see the Captain he is in a trench. They talk about how they got captured in the war. They talk about how bad the war was and how they saw people die.
Brouwer, R. 1916. Photograph

2. This picture is of Eddie. He is the mean character of the book. Eddie is an 83-year-old maintenance man, who has dedicated his life to working at Ruby Pier. Eddie dies at Ruby Pier when he saves a little girl from a falling cart. Then Eddie goes to heaven and meets five people.
Kramer, Lloyd. Eddie. 2004. Photograph. USA, USA

3. The last person Eddie meets in heaven is a little girl. The little girl was burnt terrible. She died in the war when someone lights her house on fire. Eddie could of went back and saved he, but he didn’t because the captain shot him in the leg. The little girls face was burnt like in the picture.
Viklund, Andreas. 2008. Photograph. India, India.


4. The book talks about how Eddie dies and goes to heaven. The heaven that Mitch Albom thinks of is totally different than what I think it looks like. In the book Eddie goes to different places in heaven. This picture is what I think heaven and rides. looks like.

5. This last picture makes me think of the pier Eddie worked on. The pier that Eddie works on is called Ruby pier. There are tons of rides and people just like the book describes. I believe this is a perfect picture of the Ruby pier.